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    I N V I T A T I O N

    Mecsek Open’19 Hungary

    19-21 April 2019




    Date and location:  19-21 April 2019 Hungary Pécs, Mecsek Region

    Form of the race

    International, 3-day individual event, with combined results. The races are sorting competitons for the Hungarian teams with categories M/W 16A, 18A, 20E, 21E.

    Stage 1: Short Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter

    Stage 2: Middle Orfű, Rácz Tanya

    Stage 3: Long Orfű, Rácz Tanya

    Organizing Committee

    Pécsi Vörös Meteor Sportkör Tájékozódási Futó Szakosztály

    • Director: Gyula Kóger
    • Deputy-chairman: Gábor Pillmann
    • Secretary: Sándor Ambrus

    Course planners / Controllers

    • Day 1: János Kelemen / Gábor Kiss
    • Day 2: Zoltán Dénes / Mátyás Paskuj
    • Day 3: Ferenc Viniczai / Ferenc Fehér

    Event Centre

    • Stage 1: Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter
    • Stage 2,3: Orfű, Rácz Tanya


    Stage 1: Short. The area of Pécs Zsolnay Cultural Quarter and the neighbouring city quarter with pathways and parks, streets with minimal traffic, occasionally with significant level differences.

    Stage 2,3: The Western forests of Mecsek, a karstic area rich in depressions, deep valleys and path network. Runnability and visibility are good.


    Pécs: 1:2.500, 1.3.000, 1:4.000/2.5m, Mapped 2018-2019

    Orfű: 1:7.500/5m, 1:10.000/5m, 1:15.000/5m Updated 2019


    W/M 10D, 10DC (taped, children with adults), 12C, 14B, 16A, 15-18C, 18A, 20E, 21E, 21B, 21Bshort, 21C, 35B, 35Bshort, 40B, 45B, 50B, 55B, 60B, 65B, 70B, M75B, M80B, OA (open for advanced), OB (open for beginners)

    Categories may be combined in case of less than 5 registered competitors.




    email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





    GPS coordinates


    19 April Friday, first start14:00 pm

    Pécs, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

    46.077519, 18.247690


    20 April Saturday, first start 11:00 am

    Orfű (Rácz Tanya)

    46.132609, 18.140037


    21 April Sunday, first start 9:00 am

    Orfű (Rácz-Tanya)

    46.132609, 18.140037


    Entry deadlines and fees


    3 days


    15 February

    9 April

    15 February

    9 April

    M/W 10-18, M/W65-

    12 EUR

    14 EUR

    36 EUR

    41 EUR


    14 EUR

    16 EUR

    41 EUR

    46 EUR


    6 EUR

    8 EUR

    15 EUR

    20 EUR

    Entry fee payment

    Entries to be paid to our account:

    IBAN:HU86 5080 0111 1521 9936 0000 0000   
    Bank: Déltakarék 7622 Pécs, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 7.

    Entries are valid only after fees have been received to our bank account. The reduced fees are requested arrive to bank account until 28. February.


    Student hostels (2500 HUF/person/night), hard floor gyms (1000HUF/person/night) + tourist tax.

    Terrain description

    A real taste of orienteering, typical variation of the karstic terrains with large depressions, dolinas, rich in roadnetwork. Runnability and visibility is excellent in most parts of the competition area though there are some prints of forestry work some days. Additional corrected parts will be used on WRE. Altitude above sea level is 200-400m.

    Punching system

    We use SportIdent electronic punching system. Please give your name, category, club, and SI card number when registering. Renting fee: 2 EUR / stage

    Finish areas

    Can be reached from the event centre.


    Medal for for the first three winners in all

    categories on the third day with an additional prize.

    Other information

    Nature reserve area. Keep it clean. Go Green.

    Participation on the event is on your own risk.

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